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American Atheists' San Jose Solstice Tree

In 1998 and 1999, American Atheists protested against the nativity scene placed in San Jose's Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Last year, a member of the Christmas in the Park board offered us space in this year's festival. While this does not immediately address the larger issues of the Christmas display, American Atheists has accepted the offer as a gesture of goodwill, with plans to continue working toward changes over the long term.

On Dec 2, American Atheists members decorated a tree with ornaments donated by members, friends, and The American Atheists Center in New Jersey. Many of the beautiful ornaments are hand made.

When the decorating was done, California state director Dave Kong presented John Messina with a plaque for his work on the Mount Davidson Cross court case.

Here are a few photos.

Click Here for a short video of Dave Kong's dedication speech.


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