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From The American Atheist Volume 37 No. 1

American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought

[cover] Cover art: Tom Sullivan provides equal opportunity for many fantasies to give us a nativity scene you'll never see on a courthouse lawn - even though we are quite certain it would pass constitutional muster as a ďPublic ForumĒ expression of the holiday season.

Editorís Desk
    Frank R. Zindler

Life, the Universe, and
Everything: An Inteview with
Douglas Adams

    David Silverman
    The Creator of The Hitchhikerís
    Guide to the Galaxy is an

The Prospects for Physical

    Frank R. Zindler
    Living more-or-less
    forever may not be as
    impossible as we once
    supposed - or as far in
    the future.

Children of Freethought
    Carole Gray
    Many great Atheist women
    were thinking freely already
    while yet children.

You Canít Fight Billy Graham
    Noel Singleton, RN
    Itís as hard for a Buddhist as
    for an Atheist to survive in the
    field of nursing.

The Impossibility of Deity
    Martin L. Bard
    The author of The Peril Of Faith
    shows that the god concept is
    logically incoherent

Rutabaga Baby - The Sheet Music
    A song the Right-to-Single-
    Celled-Lifers probably wonít
    want to sing!
    A Dial-an-Atheist® Classic.

God, Guns, Oil, & Opium
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    Donít worry about the bogey-
    man! The Taliban are on the
    loose - thankis in part to the

Nasrin Situation Remains Desperate
    The Atheist author Taslima
    Nasrin is still in hiding for her
    life in Bangladesh. You
    can help.

Book Reviews
    Conrad F. Goeringer

The Entrance Examination
   Steven F. Durrant
    Bertrand Russell ponders the
    prospects of Heaven.

Letters to the Editor

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