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From The American Atheist Volume 36 No. 1 

American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought 

[cover] In his cover design, artist Tom Sullivan depicts the incongruous use of planetarium technology to try to explain ďThe Star of Bethlehem.Ē

Editorís Desk 
    Frank R. Zindler 

Atheist Words & Atheist 
  Actions In Washington 
    Ellen Johnson 
    The president of American Atheists 
    reports on Defending The Wall-No 
    Submission! -- an Atheist happening 
    in the nationís capital. 

[wall]  Approaching the Millennium: 
  Atheism, Reason, and State- 
  Church Separation 
    Texts of the speeches given at a 
    symposium held in
    Washington, DC,
    on 3 October 2020. 

   I. An Atheist Civil-Rights 
      Movement in America 
      Ellen Johnson 

 II. ďAll Things to All MenĒ: 
      How Religion Denies Itself 
      Ronald J. Barrier 

III. The Millennium: A New 
       Dark Age Dawning? 
       Frank R. Zindler 

 IV. The Future of Secularism 
      Conrad F. Goeringer 

   V. Separationist Organizations 
       Chris Allen 


StarStruck: Myths, Fact, and Fable 
  about The Star of Bethlehem 
    Conrad F. Goeringer 
    In neither science nor history can we 
    find any basis for this subject of 
    many planetarium shows at 

Debunking the Crèche Tableau 
    Jim Senyszyn 
    The story implied by that manger 
    scene at the mall is not true. 

The Window of Our Discontent 
    Tony Pasquarello 
    A preview of things to come in The 
    Altar Boy Chronicles

Christianity: The Arch-Enemy of 
    Sally Roesch Wagner 
    A womenís studies pioneer recounts 
    the 19th century struggle of Parker 
    Pillsbury against religious tyranny. 

Blind Faith, Part I 
    Frank R. Zindler 
    An ad and leaflet pushed by 
    Christian college professors who 
    confuse students for Christ are 
    exposed as the product of deception 
    and error. 


The Waiter at the Altar 
    Jackie Johnson 
    Edgar Allen... No! 
    Itís a revelation from the director of 
    The Male Bovine Feces Institute, in 
    Cowpaddy, Kansas. 

Letters to the Editor