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American Atheist
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought 

One, Two, Many Endings! 
     Conrad F. Goeringer 
     The biblical Book of Revelation isn't 
     the only roadmap for the end of the 

Millennium Foolishness 
     John Higdon 
     Dr. Higdon focuses a psychiatric 
     eye on the millennialist psyche. 

Where Jesus Never Walked 
     Frank R. Zindler 
     The geography of "Jesus of 
     Nazareth" is very similar to the 
     geography of the Wizard of Oz. 

Examining The Apocalypse 
     James B. Pullen, Jr. 
     Revelation, the most mind-boggling 
     book in the Christian Bible, makes 
     sense if read as an astral allegory. 


Social Psychopathology of 
   End-Times Faith 
     Conrad F. Goeringer 
     Thirst for vengeance, conspiracy 
     theorizing, and postmodern 
     conflicts are combined in the mil- 
     lennialist social psychopathology. 

Another Epistle 
   of Borther Josiah 
     Josh Karpf 
     More Humor 

 [Cover] Editor's Desk 
    Frank R. Zindler 
      From the New editor of 
      American Atheist 

Countdown to the Millennium:  
   Last Tango on Planet Earth? 
     Conrad F. Goeringer 
     The millennium is coming! This time 
     around, both Jesus and E.T. are 
     expected back for The Big Sequel. 
[Nasty Monster] 

The Chupacabras: A Monster 
   for the New Millennium? 
     Conrad F. goeringer 
     This blood-sucker is linked to 
     religious mysticism, reports of 
     UFOs, aliens, and apocalypse. 

Welcome Home, Son 
     Henry Oliver 
     Jesus returns, but to unholy Toledo 
     instead of the "Holy Land." 

An Epistle of Brother Josiah 
     Josh Karpf 

Once Upon a Millennium 
     Frank R. Zindler 
     An examination of a millennium 
     that came and went a thousand 
     years ago. 

Prophecy Failed: 
   From The Great Disappoint- 
   ment to Apocalypse Ranch 
     Conrad F. Goeringer 
     The false prophecy of william Miller 
     in 1843 led to Jehovah's Witnesses, 
     Seventh-Day Adventists, and 

Volume 35, No. 1  Winter 1996-1997