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Cover art: Edison and his assistants testing the first successful incandescent lamp at Menlo Park, NJ, October, 1879. The lamp is attached to a vacuum pump. Ann Zindler adaptation of a painting by an unknown artist.

Editorís Desk
    Edison The Atheist
    Frank R. Zindler

No Immortality of the Soul
    Edward Marshall
    This interview with Thomas Alva
    Edison touched off a long controversy
    in 1910 when it appeared in The New
    York Times

Thomas A. Edison on Immortality
    Edward Marshall
    A reprint of a rare "lost interview"
    with Edison that appeared in the ill-
    fated The Columbian Magazine in
    January of 1911. The article proved
    the ruin of the journal

The Pope's Most Fallible Brain
    Frank R. Zindler
    This Dial-an-Atheist® classic was
    inspired by the same theobiological
    problem that led Edison to conclude that
    multicellular brains could never go to heaven.

Read the Edison and "Pope" articles at the main American Atheists web site.

The ABCs of Nontheistic Evolution
    Gary Sloan
    In a big universe, accidents will
    happen from time to time.

New Species in the Making
    Frank R. Zindler
    Support for Gary Sloan's thesis that
    evolutionary change can produce new

United Nations Goes Bananas
    Margaret Bhatty
    Kofi Annan decides our planet's prob-
    lems can be solved by assembling as
    many different kinds of magicians and
    wizards as possible.

Their Name Was Legion
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    Our present mortalitarians are simply
    retooling the Roman Catholic Church's
    Legion of Decency.

Suffering, Atheism, and Reason
    Chris Morton
    American Atheists Director for the
    State of New York explores the contribu-
    tion to suffering supplied by religions
    and religionists.

and an Atheist Novelist On The
History Of Religious Ideas.
Part II.

    Earl Doherty
    The author of the landmark book
    The Jesus Puzzle continues his review of
    the monumental 20th-century work THE
    TESTAMENT OF MAN, examining
    Intimations of Eve, Adam and the
    Serpent, and The Divine Passion.

Read Vardis Fisher article at the main American Atheists web site.

The Christ Myth Revisited
   Frank R. Zindler
    The editor of this magazine reviews
    Earl Doherty's The Jesus Puzzle: Did
    Christianity begin with a mythical Christ?

The Deity Made Me Do It!
Reverends on the Defense
    Nick Witte, Esq.
    An Atheist lawyer reviews the
    Christian book Seven Deadly Lawsuits:
    How Ministers can Avoid Litigation
    And Regulation.

The Solstice Season
    Madalyn O'Hair
    A reprint of an American Atheist
    Radio Series classic.


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