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Michigan State Convention
November 3, 2020

Here are a few photos from the Michigan State Convention held on November 3, 2020 by Michigan Atheists.

Bradley Sampeer

Roger Hane

Arlene-Marie and Henry Morgan

Paul Kondon, former President of the Atheist Society of Western Michigan University spoke on "Reasoning with the Unreasonable"

Arlene Marie, Michigan State Director for American Atheists with George Shiffer

Tracey Martin

George Shiffer praising Henry at the roast

Thelma Murrell

Lois Brooks

Arlene-Marie presents award to Henry Morgan

Guest of honor, Henry Morgan, was saluted for nearly three decades of service to Atheism, the separation of church and state, and civil liberties.

Frank Zindler praises Henry Morgan during the "roast" period of the convention

Bob Brooks speaking on "A Secular World"

This historic event is dedicated to Henry Morgan to honor his more than 25 years of service. Join us as we Roast Henry at a gala luncheon. And you won't want to miss our blockbuster line-up of speakers....


ROBERT (BOB) BROOKS: Accomplished and popular speaker in Detroit Metro area. Mr. Brooks has appeared in numerous TV discussions, and has been giving Atheists speeches to college classes and various groups for over a quarter of a century. Bob has been married to Lois since 1955. He is a 'bookworm', world traveler, and a veteran. While he is a patriotic citizen of the US he also considers himself a Citizen of the world.

TOPIC: "A Secular World" Madalyn Murray O'Hair and her supporters shared a vision of a world of science, reason, and Atheism. We must now build that society for all of the diverse opponents and victims of religion.

CONRAD GOERINGER: Senior Staff Writer for American Atheists Magazine, Director of On Line Services for the organization, and Editor of AANEWS (an electronic news and opinion publication sponsored by American Atheists) make Mr. Goeringer a high profile speaker from border to border. Conrad is a former freelance reporter and antiquarian book dealer. His writings have appeared in a number of publications, including "New Times", "Sky and Telescope" magazine, and "Schism".

TOPIC: "The Public Funding Of Faith" The "Religion Tax" in America From Disestablishment to Charitable Choice" traces the origins of government subsidies and entitlement programs for religious groups from the Colonial era to the present-day conflict over the faith- based initiative.

PAUL KONDON: Past president of Atheist Society at Western Michigan University.

TOPIC: "Reasoning With The Unreasonable" How to discuss free thought with worshippers.

FRANK ZINDLER: Scholar extraordinaire. Formerly a professor of biology and geology, Mr. Zindler is now a science writer. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the New York Academy of Sciences, The Society of Biblical Literature, and the American School of Oriental Research. Frank is also the Editor of American Atheist.

TOPIC: "How To Wrestle With Jesus - And Win" Experience the bawdy details of the Toldoth Jeshu, the "Jewish Life of Christ".


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