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November 10, 2020


Ellen Johnson serves as President of American Atheists, and is a frequent media guest. She has testified on issues such as Atheist civil rights and related First Amendment issues before groups such as the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Last year, she was part of a symposium on "Religion in the Public Schools" at the College of William and Mary's Institute of Bill of Rights Law. She has served with American Atheists for over two decades, and since 1994 has co-hosted "The Atheist Viewpoint" television program carried on dozens of cable systems throughout the nation and on the internet.

Ms. Johnson received her Masters Degree in Political Science from the New School for Social Research, and is a second-generation Atheist. She is also a "soccer mom" and the mother of two children.

Andrea Moore Emmett - Award winning writer for the Salt Lake City Weekly magazine, formerly the Private Eye. For a menu of her writings, go to and enter her name in the archive search on the left.

Talk title: The Mormon Polygamist Fundamentalist movement and the freedom of Religion push. She will speak about the highly organized movement to overturn the Reynolds decision by pro-polygamist factions as well as inform the audience on the growing polygamist religions in the country.

Moore Emmet is currently working on a book detailing the lives of refugees who have fled the fundamentalist polygamous religions.

Roahn H. Wynar, Ph.D.. Research scientist at the University of Washington, and a nationally recognized expert on quackery, pseudoscience and the paranormal. His research is in the physics of ultra-code atoms and fundamental symmetries of nature. Dr. Wynar has been a columnist for the U. of T. daily, and a speaker at the American Atheists Texas RAM.

Title: Why the Universe is the way it is: the myth-free version

Abstract: Why is the universe so big? Why are atoms so small? Why are we in between? It seems that there are only four forces known to science and all the richness of Cosmology, geology and biology arise from the particular relationships between these forces. The most popular contemporary argument for the existence of God exploits the most current discoveries of science and claim that an intelligent designer has "fine tuned" the universe. We will examine the principal claimants for intelligent design and what they have to say, then compare with the myth-free responses.

During the lecture we will explore our current best understanding of the universe on the large and small scale, we will discuss the difficulties of doing research at these levels and muse on the possible ultimate limits of scientific knowledge.

Kevin Courcey RN presents "Is God Still in the Healing Business? An overview of the research claiming health benefits for religious belief."

Mr. Courcey has followed this research for years and has published several articles which questioned the supposed links between religious practice and health. He will discuss and critique the key studies cited by proponents, and will detail the links to the religious organizations that are behind the push to endorse religious faith for health.

Robert R. Tiernan is an attorney specializing in criminal defense and constitutional law. He obtained his J.D. from Boston College in 1958, and was admitted to the practice of law before the U.S. Supreme Court and all Federal districts. After a stint in the U.S. Army, Mr. Tiernan served as an advance political strategist for the campaign of President John Kennedy in 1960. Later he was chairman of the Air Bag Information Center, which promoted the installation of these safety devices in cars. He returned to private practice in 1987.

Mr. Tiernan will speak on "The trial of the People of the State of Colorado v. Rodney Scott," the man charged with "desecrating an object venerated by the public" for allegedly removing a roadside memorial from the median strip of an interstate highway. The government argued that this median strip was a "public forum," even though it had a posted speed limit of 75 mph. Scott was acquitted by the Judge who opined in his written opinion that such roadside memorial were illegal. The case is now on appeal. Meanwhile, the Colorado Department of Transportation is trying to decide what policy to adopt concerning roadside religious memorials which have become popular throughout the region.

Conrad Goeringer is Editor of AANEWS and a contributor to both The American Atheist Magazine and the American Atheist Newsletter. He is a former freelance reporter, writer and antiquarian bookseller; his article on politics, science and popular culture have appeared in numerous national and regional publications. Mr. Goeringer will speak on "THE PUBLIC FUNDING OF FAITH -- The Religion Tax in America From Disestablishment to Charitable Choice."


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