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From The American Atheist Volume 37 No. 2

American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought

[cover] Cover art: The cover of the October, 1979, issue of American Atheist. Members of American Atheists, Inc., have been picketing the intrusions of the Polish pope for twenty years now.

Editorís Desk
    Frank R. Zindler
    Pope John Paul II
    the Criminal

Travels of a Modern-Day
Janus: John Paul II
Visits the Americas
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    A two-faced theocrat comes to
    meddle with North America --
    and American Atheists protest.

Why We Picket the Pope
    Ellen Johnson
    The President of American
    Atheists explains why
    American Atheists always
    pickets the pontiff's invasions
    of America.

The Pope Wants to Tell you
How to Die: Will You Stand
For It?

    Faye Girsh
    The Executive Director of The
    Hemlock Society USA chal-
    lenges the inhumane teachings
    of the pope in St. Louis

Need Help Preserving Religious
Displays? Let Santa, Frosty

    Conrad F. Goeringer
    Santa and his helpers are help-
    ing city after city transmute
    displays flagrantly "respecting
    an establishment of religion"
    into secular "public forums" --
    or so it is claimed.

Ezekiel As A Prophet
    Frank R. Zindler
    If Ezekiel were alive today, he
    wouldn't even be as successful
    as the Bureau of Long-Range
    Weather Forecasting.


Faith Fails in Medical Test

    Medical research alleging
    health benefits of religion is
    debunked by The Lancet

The Atheist Who Saved The
United States (...and the thanks
he got for it)
    Carole Gray

    An Atheist historian recounts
    the life, death, and subverted
    will of Stephen Girard, the
    Atheist whose financial aid pre-
    vented the US from reverting
    to British colonial status.

Atheist Masters
   Joseph McCabe, writing in
    1941, reveals how popes Pius
    XI and XII aided and abetted
    the rise to power of Benito
    Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and
    set into motion a long war
    against reason and secular
    democracy - a war still being
    waged by the present pontiff.
    Excerpts from the Haldeman-
    Julius publication The Black
    Inernational No. 2, "How the
    Pope of Peace Traded In

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