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American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought 
[Judas Burst] 


Piety Gets You Sobriety?
     Ron Larson
     Alcoholics Anonymous is exposed
     and secular alternatives are

Another Epistle of Brother
     Josh Karpf
     More Humor.

God's Mighty Men:
The Promise Keepers
     Rise Up
Promise Keepers and the 
Dominionist Mandate
"Godly Men" with a
     Dominionist Agenda
     Conrad F. Goeringer
     A Dangerous "paracult" is
     threatening our secular society.
     Will "Joel's Army" be called
     up for duty?

Trying to Make a Case
for Faith Healing
     Kevin Courcey
     An RN shows that a "proof" of
     the efficacy of faith healing
     actually proves the opposite.

Me Too

Talking Back

Letter to the Editor

(1) Lucy Colman, (2) Lucy 
speaking, (3) D. M. Bennett, 
(4) Susan B. Anthony, 
(5) Lucy and Sojourner 
visit Abe Lincoln, (6) Lucy 
in bloomers with Charles 
Remond, (7) Amy Post, 
(8) Sojourner Truth. 

[Judas Hanging]

Editor's Desk 
    Frank R. Zindler 
      From the New editor of 
      American Atheist 

I Love Lucy!  
     Carole Gray
     A forgotten heroine of
     Freethought is restored to
     history and reveals an
     unknown side of Lincoln.

An Epistle of
Brother Josiah
     Josh Karpf

Of Bones and Boners:
St. Peter at the Vatican
     Frank R. Zindler
     Underground at the Vatican,
     Catholics are venerating the
     bones of chickens, pigs, and a
     mouse, not St. Peter!

Hail Mary
     Fran M. DeVenuto
     When virginity is lost.

Apologetic Defenses
     C. Dennis McKinsey
     When missionaries come
     calling, what are you going
     to do? Call the Bible-Buster.

     A Fable

A Glimpse of the Invention
of Christianity
     Christopher M. Drew
     If there never was a Christ, how
     did Christianity begin?

Volume 35, No. 2  Spring 1997