Cover art: Spring freshet in the Muir Woods, by Tom Sullivan. John Muir, a father of environmentalism, was a leading Freethinker of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Editor’s Desk
    Capital Ideas
    Frank R. Zindler

Pat’s Second Coming
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    Not a has-been any longer,
    Marion Gordon Robertson once
    again is grabbing the throat of
    the Republican Party

Dark Side Of The Moon
    Bob Fitrakis
    Sun Myung Moon is supporting,
    Dubya Bush for president. No
    surprise to this seasoned

Hang ’em All - Completely!
    Frank R. Zindler
    If they’re going to hang com-
    mandments, they shouldn’t just
    “Hang Ten!” All three sets of
    “The” Decalogue should be hung -
    if they can’t be hanged!

“Patriarchal” Religion?
A Jaybird’s-Eye View

    Jay B. Scott
    It is argued that the hand that
    rocks the cradle also pulls the
    strings of religion’s patriarchal

The Makings Of A Saint?
    Margaret Bhatty
    Our Indian correspondent con-
    siders the life and career of Mother
    Teresa and the possibility that
    Pope Wojtyla will make her the
    first new saint of the millennium.

Islam Incompatible With Human Rights
    Innaiah Narisetti
    reviews Ibn Warraq’s
    Why I Am Not a Muslim

Psycholibel: The Demeaning of Atheists
    Doug Ittner
    reviews Paul Vitz’s
    Faith Of The Fatherless: The
    Psychology Of Atheism

It Wasn’t The End Of The World!
    Frank Zindler
    reviews Robert Best’s
    Noah’s Ark And The Ziusudra

    John Hodges
    discusses “The Emptyness of
    Behe’s Box.”

Belting The Bible:
Madalyn Murray O’Hair vs.
    Lee Hudson
    An eye-witness report on Dr.
    O’Hair’s Face-to-Face debate with
    Dr. Carl McIntire on 16 Feb. 1970
    belatedly comes to light

Emerson’s Cosmic Moonshine
   Gary Sloan
    A nay to the “Everlasting Yea.”

It’s All In The Mind: Mental
Processes Associated With
Religious Conviction
    Robert J. Englehart
    A psychologist explains why
    absurdity doesn’t seem absurd to
    the religious mind.



Hang ’em All -- Completely is offsite at the main American Atheist website.

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