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To vote or not vote? To back Gore, or someone else? And what about the Supreme Court?

On Monday, August 14, American Atheists heads to Los Angeles, Ca. to protest at the Democratic National Convention. This is the second leg of the “Defending the Wall at Convention 2000” protest, which last month demonstrated in Philadelphia outside of the GOP Convention and coronation for George W. Bush. American Atheists is not speaking out for or against partisan candidates, but rather about issues: “charitable choice,” vouchers, “faith-based partnerships” which use public money to support sectarian social programs, and the fact that candidates in both major parties are increasingly using religion -- and religion-friendly legislation -- as a credential for public office. Indeed, election 2000 is besotted with the pandering to religious voting blocks, frantic efforts of the two major parties to out-do each other in promoting sectarian belief as a legitimate activity of the State, and schemes to obliterate or circumvent the wall of separation between government and religion.

With just days to go until the Democratic Convention protest, we feature a lively volley of opinions about whether Atheists and separationists should support Al Gore, and whether perhaps the Los Angeles demonstration should take place. Don't worry, American Atheists will be there -- and hopefully, you will be there as well. We include an exchange of viewpoints between Conrad Goeringer and Eddie Tabash, who in an “open letter” to us makes excellent points concerning the important fact that the next President of the United States will likely determine the political complexion of the Supreme Court, and the fate of state-church separation in America for some time to come. Conrad Goeringer responds with the latest ON TARGET column, agreeing with Mr. Tabash on the essentials, but suggesting that Atheists and separationists still need to speak out on the picket line and through other forums.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in our new Message Board forum, (look for the Activism forum) and post your remarks for others to read.

You can get background on some of the political issues involved by visiting the FLASHLINE section of our web site. This includes recent analyses of the GOP convention, and Al Gore's pick of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate.

Whether you made it to the Philly demonstration or not, visit the New Jersey AA State Director's page for photos of that small but exciting protest. (We'll have photos next week of the Los Angeles action as well.)

And to participate in the Monday, August 14 American Atheists demonstration at the Los Angeles convention, visit our “Defending the Wall At Convention 2000” page.


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