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From The American Atheist Volume 37 No. 3

American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought

[cover] Cover art: Tom Sullivan depicts the violent phantasmagoria of the religious world inside of which the 25th National Convention of American Atheists provided an island of sanity and reason.

Editor’s Desk
    Frank R. Zindler
    Religion and Violence

The 25th American Atheists
National Convention
    Ellen Johnson

Atheist Youth, Atheist Families,
and Atheism’s First Family
    American Atheists 1999
    National Convention
    A welcoming address by
    American Atheists President
    Ellen Johnson

Fighting the Religious Reich
    Pamela L. Sumners
    The Dark Ages are contem-
    porary, not past, as this witty
    Alabama lawyer clearly shows.

The Dangers of
Private School Vouchers

    Delores T. Corona
    An educator refuses the
    seductive arguments for
    supporting religious schools
    with tax money.

Helping Children Deal with
Unfairness in the World

    Catherine MacLaren
    How not to take a bad
    situation and make it worse!

Why is Religiosity so Hard
to Cure?

    Frank R. Zindler
    An evolutionary, genetic bias
    makes ’em do it!

Victory to the Children:
Ending Circumcision
in the Next Century

    Marilyn Fayre Milos and
    Norman Cohen
    An R.N. and the son of a rabbi
    weigh in against what is truly
    "the most unkindest cut of all"

The Garlic Necklace
   Ron Barrier
    Doubt is the “garlic necklace”
    for warding off the vampires of

The Balkan Crisis: Fault-line of Civilizations
   Conrad Goeringer
    Religion considered as a
    tectonic force cleaving the
    continent of Europe.

The Story Behind The
Altar Boy Chronicles

   Tony Pasquarello
    It’s not what
    you’re probably thinking.

Thinking the Unthinkable
   Margaret Bhatty
    Our correspondent from India
    returns to our pages after a
    long absence.

Religion and Politics
   Robert J. Englehart
    A psychologist explains why
    religion and politics are a
    natural -- but dangerous --

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