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Editor’s Desk
    Intelligent Design?
    Frank R. Zindler

American Atheists Convention 2000
    Ellen Johnson
    The president of American
    Atheists reports on our celebrity-
    filled 26th National Convention in
    San Francisco.

All Roads Lead To Washington
    Ellen Johnson
    In her president's report, Ms.
    Johnson makes public her plan to
    establish an office of American
    Atheists in the District of Columbia.

Wild At Heart
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    The historical and sociopolitical
    aspects of the Columbine tragedy
    and the subsequent reaction to inter-
    generational conflict and stereotyping
    are analyzed.

Implications of Science to Philosophy
& The Question of the Existence of God

    David Seaborg
    Not only is the pursuit of science
    an Atheistic endeavor, the implica-
    tions of science are Atheistic, though
    falling short of absolute disproof of
    the god idea.

Jesus Is Gonna Get Ya!
Having Fun With Fundamentalism
    “Rev” Chris Harper
    “Deacon Fred” harangues Atheist
    conventioneers just for the fun of it.

Atheism: Its Logical and Philosophical Foundations
    Frank R. Zindler
    Most “god sentences” aren’t even
    false -- they’re meaningless.

Jesus Interruptus: Atheism as a Culture of Life
    Ron Barrier
    On New Year’s Eve, 1999-2000
    Jesus was interrupted. The National
    Media Coordinator for American
    Atheists explains.

Earth, Fire, Water -- and Hot Air?
    Margaret Bhatty
    Our Indian correspondent reports
    on the plight of India’s widows and
    relates it to the “Law of Karma.”

God: 12,000 -- The Faith of a Rebeliever
    Tony Pasquarello
    The problem of “Bright Believers”
    who redefine “God” so they can say
    “I believe in God.”


New Reports Cover Old Ground
   Kevin Courcey, RN
    Studies claiming to find efficacy
    for prayer and health benefits for
    religious belief are based on flawed


Additional Convention 2000 coverage is available in The Events Section.


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