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Boy Scout Discrimination

The California State Supreme Court ruled on March 23, 2020 that the Boy Scouts of America did not fall under the purview of anti-discrimination laws, and thus may bar gays and applicants who do not believe in a deity. In two unanimous decisions, the justices examined cases filed by twin brothers, Michael and William Randall, who would not swear a religious oath as required by the Scouts for membership, and the case of an 18-year old Eagle Scout who was turned down for a position as a Scout Leader because he was identified as a homosexual.

The core issue was whether the Scouts were a private membership group not covered by anti-discrimination laws, or a business enterprise and "public accommodation" which cannot exclude members on criteria such as sexual orientation.

American Atheists has background information on this issue, including reaction from civil rights leaders and the religious right in an article in Flash Line.

Furthermore, American Atheists has called for President Clinton to resign his role as honorary leader of the Boy Scouts of America.


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