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26th National Convention of American Atheists

David Silverman, National Youth & Family Director: "Helping Tomorrow's Atheists Today."

Anne Stone, author of Living in the Light talks about raising children in her talk "Parents to the new millennium."

Tony Pasquarello, author of The Altar Boy Chronicles entertains the audience with reasons why we will NOT be resurrected by mad scientists ten thousand years from now.

Wendy Kaminer author of many books, including her recent Sleeping with Extraterrestrials talks on "The Perils of Piety."

Waiting for Ms. Kaminer's authograph.

Frank Zindler, editor of American Atheist Press, gives us "Atheism: Its Logical and Philosophical Foundations."

Dr. David Seaborg talks about the "Implications of Science to Philosophy and the Question of the Existence of God."

Dr. Seaborg is an evolutionary biologist with a keen interest in enviornmental science. He brought with him some fossils, a desert tortoise, and a Children's python (named after its discoverer.)

Atheist snake handling?

Ron Barrier, national spokesperson for American Atheists, winds up the day with "Jesus Interruptus: Atheism As A 'Culture of Life'"

Joe Zamecki finally gets some help in manning the book room.

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