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26th National Convention of American Atheists

Professor emeritus, author, and musician Tony Pasquarello playing in the hotel lounge before the members' dinner.

Convention attendees socializing at the members' dinner on Friday night.


Many members were recognized by the organization for their efforts during the past year. Those present received their award from American Atheists President Ellen Johnson.

Top row: Wayne Aiken and Chester Twarog. Bottom row, Dave Kong and Carol Batchelder.

Carol Batchelder received the Atheist of the Year award for her efforts regarding the Table Rock Cross in Idaho.

But that wasn't all. American Atheists presented the first Shameless Govelling award to Governor George "W" Bush, in honor of his shamelss grovelling to the religious right.

Governor Bush was unable to attend, but Ron Barrier, American Atheists National Spokesperson, accepted on his behalf. The shiny metal kneepads could well aid many a politician to grovel for hours on end.

After dinner and the awards presentation, those who were inclined (and able) to sing participated in another American Atheists tradition: singing un-traditional Winter Solstice Carols such as Oh Come Let Us Ignore Him and No-Hell. The taped performance will be used in episodes of The Atheist Viewpoint produced during the winter holiday season.

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