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26th National Convention of American Atheists

Dave Kong, California State Director, opens the 26th National Convention of American Atheists in San Francisco, California.

Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists, gives the keynote speech: "All Roads Lead to Washington"

Dave Silverman, National Youth and Family Director introduces Douglas Adams.

Douglas Admas
Douglas Adams, author best know for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series talks on "Is There an Artificial God?" Mr. Adams was interviewed for The American Atheist by Dave Silverman in the Winter 1998-1999 edition.

James Dwyer
Professor James Dwyer, author of Religious Schools vs. Childrens' Rights speaks on "Parent's religion and Children's Education".

Chris Harper performs as Pastor Deacon Fred of The Landover Baptist Church. Pastor Deacon Fred's message: "Jesus is going to get you!"

Below, Deacon Fred shows he can pull in the unsaved.

Keay Davidson, science writer for The San Francisco Examiner and author of Carl Sagan's Biography on "Was Carl Sagan Really an Atheist?"

Below, Mr. Davidson signs copies of his book, Carl Sagan: A Life.

Convention attendees

More attendees

Among the attendees was Tom Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan is the talent behind the cover art of The American Atheist Magazine.

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