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24th National Convention

Well, the 24th National Convention of American Atheists is history. All who went had a wonderful time, and wished it hadnít been so short.

Regardless of whether you attended, you will probably enjoy reading the reports and seeing all the pictures.
* RICHARD ANDREWS speaking on the life and work of atheist novelist-historian Vardis Fisher.
* Marci Hamilton, attorney with the Benjamin Cordozo School of Law. Ms. Hamilton successfully defended in the historic BOERNE v. FLORES case which last year struck down as unconstitutional the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. She is an authority and outspoken activist on state-church separation issues.
* An exciting debate featuring Steve McFarland (Christian Legal Society) and Ron Barrier, National Media Coordinator for American Atheists.
* JAMES MONROE, attorney and representative for the Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS) speaking on the non-theist alternatives to "faith" recovery programs, and the recent court decisions involving prisoners' rights to religion-based therapies.
* Dr. WILLIAM PROVINE, Cornell University biologist and historian, calls on society to choose between god and Darwin. He explores issues such as free will, and makes the case for a Rational Ethic based on atheism.
* DR. RITA SWAN is President of "Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc. (CHILD), a advocacy group which promotes the legal rights of children to medical care and other essentials. For many years, both Dr. Swan and her organization have worked primarily on the problem of medical neglect on religious and cultural grounds.
* NEAL CARY, National Outreach Director for American Atheists, speaks on political activism and conducts workshop training for a new generation of Atheist-First Amendment advocates!
* Frank Zindler, editor of The American Atheist discusses the prospects of physical immortality
* The Annual Awards Banquet. We acknowledge and salute those members of American Atheists who have distinguished themselves in the past year in service to Atheism, state-church separation and the future of our movement!
* RALLY AT THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. Join American Atheists as we gather in front of the Supreme Court building to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the historic MURRAY v. CURLETT decision, a major landmark in state-church litigation and the first case of its kind openly filed by professed atheists.

And it's not all work, you know! We've got plenty of social events planned as well, including a piano and cello performance by TONY PASQUERELLO and NEAL CARY.

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