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From The American Atheist Volume 35 No. 4 
American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought 
In his cover design, artist Tom Sullivan captures the hysterical dimensions of the church-burning conspiracy that never was.

Editor’s Desk 
    Frank R. Zindler 

American Atheists 
    In Washington 
    Ellen Johnson 
    The president of American Atheists 
    discusses the never-ending problem 
    of religious-privilege amendments 
    and tells of her press converence at 
    the Capitol. 

The Great and Late Church 
    Arson Conspiracy Hoax 
    Conrad F. Goeringer 
    Allegations of a conspiracy to burn 
    black churches led to millions of 
    dollars in government aid to reli- 
    gion. Now it is clear that the “conspira- 
    cy” was simply a social form of hys- 

The Twelve: Further Fictions 
    from the New Testament 
    Frank R. Zindler 
    The Twelve Apostles and the 
    Twelve Disciples never existed. So 
    why were they invented? Politics, 
    of course!  [angel] 

    An Introduction 
    Arthur Frederick Ide 
    In an excerpt from his latest book, 
    Dr. Ide gives us the background 
    and history of angels - the growth 
    industry of the nineties. 

Modeling God: 
    Deferred Absurdity 
    Tony Pasquarello 
    Professor Pasquarello treats us to 
    some delightful mental teasing as 
    he teases apart the meaning - or 
    lack thereof - of the god concept. 

Cloning Christ 
    Humor from Dial-an-Atheist® 
  [Drawing of Annie Besant]

Masters of Atheism 
    Annie Besant (1847-1933) 
    The second part of a reprint of her 
    1887 pamphlet Why I Do Not 
    Believe In God.

Can Atheists Have Morals? 
    Part II 
    Doug Krueger 
    A second excerpt from a forth- 
    coming book by a young 


Letters to the Editor