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American Atheist 
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought 
Cloning Christ
    Humor from Dial-an-Atheist®

Masters of Atheism
    Annie Besant (1847-1933)
    The second part of a reprint of her
    1887 pamphlet Why I Do Not
    Believe In God.

[Drawing of Annie Besant]

Can Atheists Have Morals?
    Part II
    Doug Krueger
    A second excerpt from a forth-
    coming book by a young



Letters to the Editor

In his cover design, artist 
Tom Sullivan captures the 
hysterical dimensions of the 
church-burning conspiracy 
that never was. 



Editor’s Desk 
    Frank R. Zindler 

American Atheists 
    In Washington
    Ellen Johnson
    The president of American Atheists
    discusses the never-ending problem
    of religious-privilege amendments
    and tells of her press converence at
    the Capitol.

The Great and Late Church
    Arson Conspiracy Hoax
    Conrad F. Goeringer 
    Allegations of a conspiracy to burn
    black churches led to millions of
    dollars in government aid to reli-
    gion. Now it is clear that the “conspira-
    cy” was simply a social form of hys-

The Twelve: Further Fictions
    from the New Testament
    Frank R. Zindler
    The Twelve Apostles and the
    Twelve Disciples never existed. So
    why were they invented? Politics,
    of course!

    An Introduction
    Arthur Frederick Ide
    In an excerpt from his latest book,
    Dr. Ide gives us the background
    and history of angels - the growth
    industry of the nineties.

Modeling God:
    Deferred Absurdity
    Tony Pasquarello
    Professor Pasquarello treats us to
    some delightful mental teasing as
    he teases apart the meaning - or
    lack thereof - of the god concept.

Volume 35, No. 4  Autumn 1997