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Cover art: Portrait of Shakespeare from The Works of William Shakespeare, Vol. I, Kenilworth Edition, The International Shakespeare Society, © 1901 by The University Society

Editor’s Desk
    Jehovah's Metabolism
    Frank R. Zindler

Campaigning With God
    Conrad F. Goeringer
    Lieberman says there is no constitu-
    tional freedom from religion and
    Dubbyah thinks JC was a political
    philosopher. In the presidential election,
    not a single secular politician is in sight.

Is There An Artificial God?
    Douglas Adams
    The author of The Hitchhiker's Guide
    To The Galaxy explains how
    prescientific people created a creator
    in their own image.

Accurate Atheism: The Alzheimer Annals
    Tony Pasquarello
    The Atheist author of The Altar Box
    Chronicles makes a startling confession:
    all the hostile stereotypes about
    Atheists are true!

Was Shakespeare
An Atheist?

    Gary Sloan
    Robert Ingersoll
    thought so, and a
    prominent English
    professor argues
    that it is highly

The Execution Of The Sun
    Jason De Boer
    Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen
    of Verona is recast into a
    modern story with decidedly Atheist

Atheism And Humanism: Veridical
And Ethical Dimentions Of
    Frank R. Zindler
    What's the difference between
    Atheism and Humanism? The editor of
    American Atheist Press suggests an
    answer but raises disturbing, unan-
    swered questions.

Copy-Cat Communalism?
    Margaret Bhatty
    Our Indian correspondent explores
    religious bigotry on the Subcontinent.

Vardis Fisher: An American
    And Atheist Novelist On The
    History Of Religious Ideas.
    Part I.

    Earl Doherty
    The author of the landmark book The
    Jesus Puzzle begins his review of the
    monumental 20th-century work THE

An Essay On Profane Ethics
    Huáscar Terra do Valle
    Our Brazilian correspondent presents
    a sociobiological analysis of the genea-
    logy of morals.

Before The Court Ruled: Were They
Really "The Good Ol' Days"?

   David Lee
    Did the Supreme Court decisions that
    banned coercive prayer and Bible read-
    ing from public schools bring about a
    decline of American culture? The evi-
    dence is examined.

Report From Moscow: Religion And
Atheism In Russia
    Mark R. Hatlie
    Our correspondent in Germany goes
    to Moscow to see what has happened to
    all those "godless communists" now that
    communism is moribund if not yet quite


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